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Vendor Information

The jurisdiction of the Board is limited to claims which are not within the jurisdiction of a Court. You should consult with a lawyer to determine if your claim is appropriate for the Board of Adjustment or if it should be filed in a Court of law.

If you have provided good or services to the State of Alabama or any of its agencies, commissions, etc., you are entitled to payment in accordance with Alabama law. (See Section 41-16-3 of the Code of Alabama by clicking on the Statutes tab located on the Home page of this website). If a state agency fails or refuses payment you may file a claim with the Board of Adjustment. A claim must be filed within the one year allowed from the date the account should have been paid under the terms of the transaction.

If the claim is not filed with the Board of Adjustment within the time permitted, the Board is legally prohibited from hearing and considering it. The state agency cannot waive the Board’s statute of limitations; the statute of limitations is an absolute bar to a claim, as set out in Section 41-9-65(a).
Downloadable claim forms and instructions as well as other helpful information can be found on this website at the “Forms and Instruction” section.

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