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Board of Adjustment Statutes (Title 41)
  Section 41-9-60 (Purpose of Division)
  Section 41-9-61 (Composition of Board; Quorum; Board's investigatory powers)
  Section 41-9-62 (Powers and Jurisdiction of the Board)
  Section 41-9-63 (Representation of claimant)
  Section 41-9-64 (Claims for death to be made by personal representative)
  Section 41-9-65 (Statute of limitations for claims)
  Section 41-9-66 (Board may prescribe forms; may adopt rules of evidence and procedure)
  Section 41-9-67 (Board can require production of documents and presence of witnesses)
  Section 41-9-68 (Board may determine amount of injury/damage and may enter award)
  Section 41-9-69 (Board may order payment by state agency from appropriated funds)
  Section 41-9-70 (Limitation on amount of award for personal injury or death)
  Section 41-9-71 (Findings and awards to be delivered to state agency found liable)
  Section 41-9-72 (State Treasurer to pay warrants drawn pursuant to Board order)
  Section 41-9-73 (Appropriations to certain state agencies for payment of awards)
  Section 41-9-74 (Board to pay court judgments for employees of Board of Corrections)

Firefighter and Peace Officer death benefits (Title 36)
  Section 36-30-1 (Definitions)
  Section 36-30-2 (Deaths deemed compensable; compensation for total disability)
  Section 36-30-3 (Payment of compensation – generally)
  Section 36-30-4 (Payment of compensation – dependents must be residents of U.S.)
  Section 36-30-5 (Statute of limitations for claims; rules of evidence and procedure)
  Section 36-30-6 (Board to hear and determine claims)
  Section 36-30-7 (Construction of article; Board’s decision final)
  Section 36-30-20 (Definitions)
  Section 36-30-21 (Death or disability due to policeman’s occupational disease)
  Section 36-30-22 (Eligibility for benefits)
  Section 36-30-23 (Eligibility for benefits; when no physical examination required)

Firefighter occupational disease benefit (Title 11)
  Section 11-43-144 (Death or disability due to firefighters occupational disease)

Death benefit for Alabama National Guard (Title 31)
  Section 31-3-1 (Definitions)
  Section 31-3-2 (Right of dependents to compensation; amount of compensation)
  Section 31-3-3 (Payment of compensation – manner of payment)
  Section 31-3-4 (Payment of compensation – dependents must be residents of U.S.)
  Section 31-3-5 (Statute of limitations for claims; rules of evidence/procedure)
  Section 31-3-6 (Board of Adjustment to hear and determine claims)
  Section 31-3-7 (Construction of chapter; Board’s decision final)

Prompt Payment to Vendors (Title 8)
  Section 8-8-10 (Interest on money judgments and costs)
  Section 41-16-3 (Timely execution of state contracts; prompt payment to vendors)

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